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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Apr 24, 2021

If you are a creative entrepreneur you will click immediately with today’s episode and with Bernel’s guest Rodney Brown. Rodney is a wedding, couples and editorial photographer out of Northern California who built an entire career and reputation from simple integrity in being an artist.

He does not shoot weddings with the purpose of getting amazing, bomb Instagram shots. He shoots weddings for the couple. He takes the photos that they would want and the photos they will have up on their walls so long they forget it is even a photograph because it’s their memory.

Practice your craft and never stop. He knows it takes years of hard work, grit and creativity before you ever feel like you’re getting noticed but his advice is to keep at it.

Whether you're building a new business or focusing on scaling your growing business this podcast is here to support you and welcome you to brunch!


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