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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Mar 27, 2021

**Announcement** Branded by Bernel is introducing a new sub-brand called Brunch Behavior! In designing the concept for Brunch Behavior, Bernel brainstormed all of the qualities and vibes, that she wanted to offer to other entrepreneurs of small businesses. She envisioned a community that was helpful, inspiring, classy,...

Mar 13, 2021


How does your business give back? Today’s episode is such an inspiring resource if you’re interested in developing the charitable side of your business. 


Bernel’s guest today is Monica Harris. She’s a Greensboro native, mother, and a former firefighter-turned-stylist who has a very tender connection...

Mar 6, 2021

Today’s episode is a deep dive into investing in yourself. Our guest Ariel Perry eats, breathes and sleeps this philosophy. Ariel is a luxury senior and brand photographer. She’s literally written the book on celebrating high school seniors through luxury photo shoots, and countless entrepreneurs count on her to...