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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Apr 10, 2021

The businesses that we highlight on this podcast are all pretty dreamy. Bernel interviews entrepreneurs in amazing, creative and lively industries. Today we’re doubling down with our guests Ashley and Manika, world-traveling best friends, who run an Airbnb business in Atlanta, Georgia. They started Vibes ATL from the ground up 5 years ago and have not looked back since!


Vibes ATL offers vacation rentals, travel planning, and consultation services. Ashley and Manika have paid close attention to their branding since the very beginning, zoning in on the absolute most important message they wanted to send, which was happy vibes. This has guided them as they’ve acquired more properties. They also travel the world’s hottest destinations themselves to keep their Airbnb business on the top of its game.


Starting a business together as best friends always felt natural for Ashley and Manika. Bernel asks them how their partnership came to be and how it functions so well. 


Ashley and Manika’s most important tips for starting a business are to:

  1. Have a step-by-step plan.
  2. Get up and do it.
  3. And, have good credit! Budgeting early on was key for them!


Whether you're building a new business or focusing on scaling your growing business this podcast is here to support you and welcome you to brunch!


Check out Ashley and Manika here: