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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Feb 20, 2021

Chip Dizárd is a world renowned photographer who teaches creative entrepreneurs the

secrets to growing their business. He teaches skills to thrive in business through educational videos, in-depth training, mentoring programs, consulting, and educating groups through public speaking. Chip has mastered social media marketing, positive engagement, and how to turn inquiries into life-long client relationships. He still provides top quality brand photography for weddings, business professionals, and models but has more to offer. 


Chip is excited to help both the developing and seasoned creatives take their business and brand to the next level. He teaches an Instagram Ad Funnel Course and he offers Facebook and Instagram Ad Services.


Where to Find Chip:





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Photography/Videography/Live Streaming

Facebook and Instagram Ad Services


Whether you're building a new business or focusing on scaling your growing business this podcast is here to support you and welcome you to brunch!