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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Jan 23, 2021

“I want people to know, there is alway room at this table. So many times people are busy looking up and forward, that they actually forget those a few steps behind them. I will never forget you, in fact, this job can be lonely, so join me!” -Amanda Burman


Today Bernel welcomes special guest Amanda Burman. Amanda is a photographer and mentor who focuses on Senior Photography, Engagement + Wedding Photography, Newborn Photography: some of the most important, beautiful life events our girls and women cherish.


She also offers Commercial Photography, Photography Courses and Workshops, and Presets to help other photographers feel accepted in photography. As a former dance teacher, her background reflects her talent for seeing beautify and fostering development in others.


Bernel and Amanda talk, too, about the business side of running a creative business. Thanks for tuning in!


Check her out here:

Instagram: @burmanphotography