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The Branded By Bernel Podcast

Apr 3, 2021

Let's Collab is a community built around a craving for professional photos in the small shop world, where many shop owners are used to DIYing every part of running their small business. Carrie Allen  started Let’s Collab as the answer to that void, providing shops with access to hand-picked professional photographers and providing photographers with access to custom, handmade, or unique items that they might enjoy. In essence, it's a group of like-minded small business owners who share a common interest in elevating both the small-shop world and the photography industry.

Today Bernel and Carrie Allen talk about the process of building out a framework for fair exchange and how we can show value for services just like we see value in products. Carrie also talks about how she hired the right team to represent her.

Whether you're building a new business or focusing on scaling your growing business this podcast is here to support you and welcome you to brunch!

Check out Let’s Collab and Carrie Allen: